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 I would like to take the very first opportunity on our return on behalf of Aziz, my brothers from USA (Arif  & Aslam ), our friends ( Mahmud & Afshan), and myself to thank you and your team members for planning and executing such an exciting and enjoyable trip for us to the Northern Areas of Pakistan.

The amazing thing was that we travelled Mashallah 1400 km by road as planned, without a single delay or disturbance. The vehicle and the driver were both remarkable. The van was in good shape and the driver was competent, he was very conscious of the safety of his passengers; drove carefully with full competency, stopped  at several places as per our needs and wants, and kept a steady pace and speed according to the scheduled plan. His behaviour and attitude was remarkable.

What was heartening to particularly admire and record was that we covered all the places as planned; Islamabad, Chilas, Naran, Gilgit,Hunza, Shogran, Alhamdu Lillah. We fully enjoyed the beautiful districts; valleys, plains and mountains, flora and fauna and most importantly the different people and their way of living and their lives.
Besides enjoying the hospitality of the Margala,Shangrila, Di Manchi, Pine Park, Gilgit and Hunza Serena inn and hotels where we stayed overnite in each one within the 9 days or our journey. We appreciate the manner in which each hotel was selected.

Our experience of walking down the tracks, climbing up the hills, driving down and uphill the treacherous roads and passes, watching with awe the water flowing down the mountains, looking down at the ravines and up the high mountains, watching the sunrise and sunset,along with the unexpected rain, sitting among the beautiful flowers and gardens, high up in Shogran, plucking fruits from Serena Hunza (with permission), stopping for mouth watering samosas and pakoras, buying pears and corn from the roadside, and hot inviting tea and cool water was such a pleasurable experience,one that we will long remember and cherish. Thank you for making it possible.

Passing through the 3 glorious mountain ranges,namely the Karakoram, Himalayas, and the Hindukush. Appreciating the mighty flowing River Indus with its tributaries, as we passed the Babusar and Khunjrab passes. The Kaghan valley with its bountiful lush greenery ; trees and foliage were worth looking at, for us Karachiites who miss rain.

September, was a favourable month, please do offer this glorious adventure to your customers. It is worth it! Let them see what all our beautiful country has to offer. I remembered Surah Rahman each time I saw a magnificent sight and told myself ” kis kis cheez ki may tareef Kari” (what all can I praise among the bounties of Allah’s creation.”

Best wishes
Nilofar Vazir

 Corporate Client

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